martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

The beginig

It was a cloudy day .And I'm watchig the none of theme put somethig interesting so, I went to change my clothes and  go Amy's home.I take a bag and put my mobile, Ipod, wallet,handkerchief, and more things.I go out of my home and went to my friend's house.
I knocked on the door but nobody answered.
Uhm..where is she?? I gonna call her.I took the phone and dial her number.
Yes?, "said a voice across the device.
Amy its me Get, where are you? "I asked as I walked toward Tina's house.
I'm of Cream's house,we gonna do  a sleepover. ya like to come? "replied cheerfully.
Okaz .... I go home to take my pijama and the pther things.-said I changin the direction and going to my house.
Ok,you whant to invite someone?! "said Amy hanging.
I closed the phone and leave it in the bag, but I changed my mind, I went back to catch and mark the number of Tina.
Yesh?? "said a voice, it seemed that sounded far off shower water.
it's me Get, want to come to a sleepover? "I asked quickly.
Ok!! Where is it? "said a cheerful voice
On cream's home! : D- I Answered with enthusiasm
Ok!! ciao get, !! I see you after''said tina''
Goodbye, take care of yourself!